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How do I access my photos?

A. I send home a paper flyer home with each student with the pertinent information on it.

The access code acts as the password to your photo gallery. Once you have your access code, you can locate your gallery a couple of ways:

Option 1
Text your access code to 90738 to get a link to your gallery and view it on your mobile device.

Option 2
Go to in any browser (mobile phone or desktop computer), create an account, and enter your access code.

Combined Checkouts for families with more than one student.

A. Yes! For fall and spring individual/class pictures, each student has a personal access code to their own gallery. You can add packages and products to your cart from one private access code, then visit another private access code, add more packages and products to your cart, and checkout only once, resulting in only one shipping charge.

For sports pictures, students do not have personalized access. There is one access code per sport&gender, example (Girls HS Basketball & Boys HS Basketball) have two different access codes. If you have a student on the Girls HS Basketball team and another on the Boys HS Basketball team, you will have to checkout twice. I give lots of opportunities to score free shipping so that is why it's so important to text that access code to 90738!

More info:

Can I still pay by check or cash?

A. At this time, no. Everything is online!